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Chuck Hall

After spending nearly nine months in a coma after a bad car accident crushed his head years ago, Chuck Hall became a member of the Blind Center to learn to cope with his loss and to become independent.  He came with his guide dog and friend, “Argyle.”

Today, Chuck’s path to greatness includes teaching leather classes at the Blind Center and continuing his passion for hunting as a guide.  In fact, City of North Las Vegas’ Fire Chief and friend, Jeff Lytle, has been guided by Chuck on several hunting excursions. He says this of Chuck:

“Chuck moved in next door to my parents about 11 or 12 years ago. My father was suffering from macular degeneration and was slowly going blind. Chuck was a Godsend to my father. He taught him how to start to deal with his limitations and was there to help him become self sufficient.  

There is not a man that I know with more courage and more gratitude in his heart than Chuck.  He is one of the most amazing men that I have ever met. A man that has had a great influence on my family.  Chuck is full of fun and he even shoots skeet with us (he doesn’t hit much but has fun shooting)! I have let him drive the 4 wheeler with me giving him directions. My right and his right sometimes don’t mean the same things! We laugh and laugh! He is a man with such an attitude of gratitude. I loved my kids to be around him when they were growing up because he was and is so grateful for everything!

I am thankful for my friendship with Chuck, I am thankful for the things that he has taught my family. I am thankful for the friendship that he had with my father to help him deal with his blindness. My father passed away last May and Chuck continues to check on my mother and to ensure that she is doing well.”

We too, are thankful Chuck continues to inspire others at the Blind Center to find hope, learn independence and find their path to greatness as he has.


Chuck Hall & Argyle
Hunting Guide