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Lack of sight

doesn't mean lack

of creativity, talent,

or expression.

“Blind artists?” you might ask. Absolutely! And they’re talented artists at that. Ceramics and weaving are two tactical, 3D arts in which our members excel. As our members improve their skills, their pieces may be kept by them, sold on Etsy, and/or entered in art shows. All hard evidence of the greatness that people who are blind can achieve.


Our blind members lead our arts and crafts classes. They teach fellow blind members to create in various mediums including leather, metal, foam, and more. This class is fun and social.


Beginning Ceramics classes allow aspiring artists to hone their skills while enjoying a fun and social setting. Ceramic pieces are poured into molds, sanded, and glazed with beautiful results.


Advanced Ceramics classes offer members the platform to create amazing art pieces literally from lumps of clay. Sculpting/building, firing, glazing. From start to finish these pieces are created at the Center. Ceramics and weaving are taught by Sherrie Thomas, an experienced art teacher and artist.

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